American Capitol in Minecraft

  • minecraft__capitol_by_yazur-d7d2uog
Resource Pack: Lapiz Point Official Texture pack 1.7.9

This American Capitol is one of the most realistic and for-scale capitol you will find in Minecraft, it was built by unbearable_ and YazurX for their main server spawn. This build is located in Capitol City county, Lapiz Point City which is a mega modern realistic city.


Hello! My name is Yazur. I am French Canadian. I mostly build Traditional builds and I'm not that bad at Modern either. I build pretty much everything like vehicles, ships, planes, buildings, stadiums, landscaping etc.

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  • Tuckertcs

    How do you get that effect on minecraft? How do you know just how much to blur and stuff to make it look smooth and close things are really blury and far away is a little blury and the main thing is clear.

  • Katariawolf

    NIce, epic render