Children will design a new Australian park in Minecraft


Children at schools in Adelaide, Australia have been asked to help design a national park by creating their ideas in Minecraft. The best ideas could then become a reality and built by the government.

The government has put aside $10.4m for the redesigns, and are keen to find new ways of getting young people involved. Minecraft seemed the perfect way.

“This competition is part of a community engagement project asking people of all ages what sort of facilities would encourage them to spend more time in national parks,” reads the Natural Resources, Adelaide website which announced the prize.

“The State government has set aside $10.4m for park projects, so some of the ideas your class create might end up being used.”

Everything built in the Minecraft park has to be able to be made in the real world, and needs to take into consideration the natural environment and wildlife that live there.

“Ideas could include trails for bushwalking, mountain biking or horse riding, barbecue and picnic areas – or something completely different,” it suggested.

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