Daily Craft – Minecraft News: 1m concurrent players, name changes

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Welcome to Daily Craft a new news update from Minecraft Gallery where we tell you just what’s going on in the world of Minecraft today. Each day we’ll bring you the latest word from Minecraft creators Mojang, as well as awesome things coming out of the Minecraft community.

Change your Minecraft name on February 4th

At the moment your Minecraft username is yours for life: you can’t change it, even if you really hate it. But that’s all changing on February 4th. From then on, you’ll be able to change your username from the Mojang account page. You’ll be able to change it for free, too, unlike some MMOs that charge for that kind of thing.

Your username has to be unique, but that means when you change your name someone else can use your old one. There is a wait though; 37 days must have passed before an old name can be used by someone else.

You can change your name as often as you like, but you can only change every 30 days. This does mean you can have a different name for every month of the year, though.

Also, between 2010 and 2012, you used to be able to create a Minecraft account before buying the game, meaning that there are lots of usernames that were chosen but those players have never bought the game, and so have not been using the names. Those names will be unlocked in February, and so if the name you wanted was taken by one of those people, it will be available from February 4th.


Minecraft has over 1 million concurrent players

Mojang have revealed that Minecraft regularly has more than 1 million players playing at the same time. That’s a huge number; much bigger than Dota 2, and significantly larger than even the biggest games on Steam.

Nathan ‘Dinnerbone’ Adams revealed the figures on Twitter, saying Mojang only recently added the capability to track the data:

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