Daily Craft – Minecraft News: 30million Pocket Edition Sales, Minecraft Word Processor

minecraft word processor

Welcome to Daily Craft a new news update from Minecraft Gallery where we tell you just what’s going on in the world of Minecraft today. Each day we’ll bring you the latest word from Minecraft creators Mojang, as well as awesome things coming out of the Minecraft community.

Redstone Word Processor really works!

Redstone is amazing for making all sorts of cool things, but this Word Processor built by Koala Steamed is really impressive. You can use it to type actual words, and the screen can show up to 50 characters; more than enough to type out a friendly greeting message for your friends. It even has a 1600 bit memory, so you can save the things you type.

The machine took Koala two years to make, and even though it’s really complicated it’s just the first of his plans. He wants to build a Redstone CPU and an arithmetic logic unit, that will help turn is machine into a proper computer.

Minecraft Pocket Edition has sold 30 million copies

Mojang has sold over 30 million copies of Pocket Edition, the smaller version of Minecraft for phones and tablets. To celebrate, Mojang will be doing a Q&A session on Reddit at the end of this week – either Thursday or Friday. Check out the special Reddit page for more details, and start submitting your burning questions for the Minecraft team!

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