The Forgotten Minecraft City Ethria

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“Ethria was a thriving city, located on the edge of a huge forest, it’s economy thrived and it’s people enjoyed a long time of peace. Ethria had one of the largest golden ages of it’s time, and was founded by one man, but succeeded by three. Eventually, rivaling empires grew in the same area as Ethria. The biggest, being the Hyreez, felt threatened by Ethria’s presence. However, Ethria was a peaceful place, with no army.

The Hyreez people launched an attack as soon as possible, throwing the people of Ethria into panic. The three successors, The Three Great Mages, stood their ground for as long as possible. They used all of their power to fend of the incoming hordes, but it was of no use. The army was too great. In their last efforts to defend the city, they cast a protective spell on the city, however, the spell only managed to encircle the main building. The rest of the city was lost in war, and The Three Great Mages disappeared. The ruined city had a standing capital building, but’s location was wiped off the map for ages.

Visitors, whom rarely find the city, are able to play through the memories of the original creator. He left his stories for others to find, and wrote them in his books. They were placed underneath the main building, and only saw the face of an adventurer who was willing to get their boots dirty, so. Are you that adventurer?”

Created by: iSliick


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