Futuristic City Biome

Submitted by: Unknown

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  • dan stuart

    wow! thats sweet

  • http://www.strawsnake.net Strawsnake

    I have to say, this is some very impressive work. Any idea on how long this one took?

    • http://minecraftgallery.com MCGallery

      It took approx. 2/3 full days of collab work on our server.

      • Butcher

        Is it really MCG's pic? I doubt it cause I saw it elsewhere… Correct me if I'm wrong..

        • http://minecraftgallery.com MCGallery

          Not sure who created it. We require the submitter to be the creator or at least on the same server. As we do not know who submitted it we put anonymous. If you know the creator

  • Bjorn

    Awesome! Great job guys ;D

  • http://www.hoopi2.comxa.com Hoopi2

    Amazing! This pic is on the Minecraft Pro iPhone App!

  • Nolan

    Can you put up a zip file of this world we can download? Or E-mail it to me?