Minecraft Hospital

  • Hospital
Resource Pack: Lapiz Point Official Texture pack 1.7.9

Hi, Yazur here, here’s my new project; Downtown Huntington City Hospital

Construction infos:

The Downtown Huntington City Hospital (DHCH) was built by Yazur, Jessegator922 and BigAMinecraft. The Hospital covers the citizens of the many apartment/condos surrounding it, a total population of 1,000,000 citizens in downtown, about 1,000 patients are treated everyday. The hospital was based on La Paz Hospital in Madrid.

Please if you use this picture make sure to credit the builders and I!


Hello! My name is Yazur. I am French Canadian. I mostly build Traditional builds and I'm not that bad at Modern either. I build pretty much everything like vehicles, ships, planes, buildings, stadiums, landscaping etc.

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