Minecraft Hunger Games Skins

Katniss w/ Arrows
Katniss w/ Arrows

 The Hunger Games Minecraft Skins

With the release of the Hunger Games movie and the sudden popularity of Hunger Game maps in Minecraft, it seemed fitting to present to the Minecraft Skins of Hunger Game characters such as Katniss, Peeta, Gale, President Snow, Game Maker, Cato, and more!

Katniss w/ Hoodie

Download Katniss with Hoodie

Katniss w/ Arrows

Download Katniss w/ Arrows

Katniss with Dress

Download Katniss w/ Dress

Petta Mellark

Download Peeta Mellark’s Skin

Gale Hawthorn

Download Gale Hawthorn’s Skin

President Snow

Download President Snow’s Skin

Game Maker

Download Game Maker’s Skin


Download Cato’s Skin


Download Prim’s Skin


Download Clove’s Skin


Download Glimmer’s Skin

Fox Face

Download Fox Face’s Skin

Effie Trinket

Download Effie Trinke’s Skin

General 1

Download General 1 Skin

General 2

Download General 2 Skin

General 3

Download General 3 Skin

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