Top Minecraft Modern Texture Packs


Creating modern and futuristic building in Minecraft is quite popular but taking screenshots of them with the regular texture pack often degrades it’s full feel.  By using a modern or futuristic texture pack, your builds can look entirely different and spectacular.  We share the top modern texture packs for Minecraft in this post.


Urbancraft 2.0 (256x)


Download Texture Pack


G’s Smooth Modern HD

(256x) Download Texture Pack

(64x) Download Texture Pack


Aeon Sci-fi Texture Pack (32x)

Download Texture Pack


Year 3000 Texture Pack

Download Texture Pack


Bladecraft (64x)

Download Texture Pack


Lost Space

(32x) Download Texture Pack

(16x) Download Texture Pack


Definitance (64x)

Download Texture Pack


Are we missing a texture pack from the list? Let us know!

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