Minecraft News – Superflat worlds coming to console


Custom Superflat Worlds coming to Minecraft on consoles

The PC version of Minecraft has been able to make superflat worlds for years now. If you’ve never seen a superflat world, it’s a land without mountains, caverns, or hills; just flat like a huge piece of paper. This makes it perfect for building your masterpiece on. The console versions have never been able to make user-customised superflat worlds, but soon that will all change.

The feature is currently being developed by 4J Studios for use in the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, and PS Vita versions of the game. With custom superflat worlds, you’ll be able to say what you want the ground to be made of, and how far down you can dig. But whatever customisation changes you make, the world will always be perfectly flat.

The feature will take a little while to make, so don’t expect it in Title Update 21, which is the next update coming to Minecraft on console. Instead, TU21 will focus on getting rid of bigs. But the update after that? That could be when we see this great new feature.

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  • Howard Matthews

    Superflat has been on Xbox 360 for ages

  • Infranix

    Consoles were always able to make superflat worlds.