Minecraft Servers are Down

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Minecraft Servers are Down

Recently, Amazon (Mojang’s Server Host Provider) went offline causing Minecraft players to be unable to connect to their servers.  This render is a depiction of a player, Steve, waiting for the login servers for Minecraft to come back online.

Pro Tip: When the logins to Minecraft servers are not working, always check Mojang Help Center to see the status:

The help center page will display all the servers for Minecraft including skins, official website, and sessions.  If it shows it’s online for Mojang, then it is a problem on your side.  Otherwise if it shows the status as offline, you have to wait for Mojang to sort to the problem.

But remember, single player does not require a login so you can always play offline until the session servers return online.  Or you could simply browse our collection of creations, artwork, and skins while you wait. 😉

This render was created by: Bluehog


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