Minecraft’s diamonds are rarer than real diamonds!


Here’s an interesting fact for you: it’s easier to find a diamond in real-life than it is in Minecraft! That’s because in Minecraft diamonds are actually much rarer than in real-life.

Don’t believe us? Then check out these facts. In the real-world, the earth’s crust is made up of 0.02%-0.18% diamond. A really tiny amount, which is why they’re so expensive! But in Minecraft, that percentage is even less: just 0.016% of Minecraft’s world is diamond. No wonder they’re so difficult to find!

Check out this huge infographic from Mining Examiner to see even more amazing Minecraft diamond facts.


  • drakray

    Real-life diamond are expensive not because they’re rare, but because very few person controls supplying, and the “Diamond are eternal” commercial of the past century make people believe they are worth more than they really do. After all, it’s only a crystal of pure carbon, not even nice coloring nor crystaline form

  • Whitefluff

    Wow! did not know that! -Whitefluff

  • https://www.tumblr.com/ Zdyzeus

    This is partly true. Since minecraft worlds are a sandbox, and technically infinite, Isn’t there an infinite percent of diamonds?

    • Daniel Mendes

      It would mean there are infinite diamonds, but the percentage would remain the same.

  • Chris

    But there is no fortune III pick in real life so…