Mojang Minecraft Skins

Fancy Notch
Fancy Notch

Ever wanted to have a Minecraft skin like the Mojang employees?  We have rounded up most of the Mojang employee skins or look-a-like skins.


Markus Persson (Notch)

Download Notch’s Skin


Fancy Notch

Download Fancy Notch Skin

Jens Bergensten in Minecraft (Jeb)

Download Jeb’s Skin


Jens Bergensten IRL (Jeb)

Download Jeb’s IRL Skin


MinecraftChick Skin

Download MinecraftChick’s Skin


Lydia Winter’s Skin

Download Lydia Winter’s Skin


Daniel Kaplan (Kappische)

Download Daniel Kaplan (Kappische)’s Skin


Carl Manneh

Download Carl Manneh Skin


Carl Manneh (IRL)

Download Carl Manneh (IRL)’s Skin


Daniel Frisk (IRL)

Download Daniel Frisk (IRL)’s Skin


Jnkboy (IRL)

Download Jnkboy’s’s Skin


Jakob Porser (JahKob)

Download Jakob Porser (JahKob)’s Skin

Tobias Mollstam (Mollstam)

Download Tobias Mollstam (Mollstam)’s Skin




Download EZ’s Skin


If you find one not on this list feel free to send us a tweet @MinecraftImages

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