Regarding the website downtime…

If you visited the website from 6pm EST on October 10th to 2pm EST on October 11th, you may have noticed the website was not up or had no posts.

Yesterday, our previous host was undergoing a DDOS attack and as a result temporarily blocked access to this site.  We have decided that their slow speeds, common downtime, and poor support was unacceptable and we have decided to migrate the site to a new and improved host.  We are still looking for a host that is scalable yet affordable.  If you know of any or would like to help sponsor the costs of hosting please contact as using our contact form.  We are in need of donations and sponsorships to help keep this site running.

If you would like instant updates of our status and user submitted creations, follow us on twitter @MinecraftImages

We thank you for your continued support and for submitting the great creations we received so far!

Minecraft Gallery Staff

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