2011 11 27 14.48.17 300x199 Rome2011 11 27 14.56.56 300x199 Rome
This is a map I have been working on for some time in creative mode (about a month and a half). It is still not completed but is still very impressive. The streets are all in cobblestone, with the Pantheon and many many buildings each highly detailed. It was first modeled after a small Italian town but then expanded and became in the creation you see here. This is some what reminiscent of Rome 500bce.
Created by: apigwithabat

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  • Ale

    Keep at it man! Rome wasn’t built in a day!


  • Wambler88

    lol i know this was modelled off of Assassins Creed 2/B, but it still looks awesome!!

  • Iets

    Download The Texture pack : Rome