Terms Of Service

When using this site you agree to the following terms of service:


We do not allow direct hotlinking to image.  Please be mindful that MinecraftGallery pays for the hosting so if you would like to share a creation, link to the page. :)


1) All submissions must be finished creations or artwork.  No half-completed works.  This is not an image hosting site.  It is a Minecraft gallery to share our completed works with friends and the community.

2) No adult, racist, harmful, hurtful, or anything that we may perceive as unfriendly to the general Minecraft community.  If you end up submitting something falling into these categories we may ban your account.

3) Submit your own work unless you have permission from the original creator.  No one likes their content being stolen after weeks of placing blocks!

4) Hide the UI (user-bar, and other graphical elements) using F2 unless it has a significant impact on the content.  It takes space and can really degrade a wonderful image.

5) In the end, MinecraftGallery reserves the right to not publish or even remove later any content we deem unfit for the gallery.


1) If you are providing criticism, please only write meaningful and constructive criticism.

2) Do NOT spam your server ip, minecraft website, or any other urls.   Repeated spam will result in a block from the site.

3) Keep the comments civil.  If there is an argument, take it elsewhere.

Have fun and don’t be afraid to search the site for other creators whose work you may enjoy.


Updated March 19, 2012.