Top Minecraft Castles & Fortresses Summer 2012

  • castle_estel
  • dragonstone
  • eleandrah-castle-1
  • fabul-castle-ffiv1
  • fallenKingdom
  • HimejiCastle
  • ice-castle
  • large-castle
  • medieval-castle
  • minas-tirith
  • minecraft-disney-castle
  • nether-castle
  • Neuschwanstein-castle
  • sand-castle
  • spawn-castle
  • Thalendor-1
  • ancient-castle
  • spawn-kingdom
  • ankara-singh-temple
  • kingdom_of_crysle_by_lexa2-d4ca1ja1

Building castles and fortresses in Minecraft is quite popular.  Here are some of the top Minecraft castles & fortresses for your inspiration and viewing pleasure.  Have a Minecraft Castle that should be here? Tell us in the comments and submit it!

Minecraft Spawn Castle

Minas Tirith in Minecraft


Minecraft Disney Castle


Eleandrah Minecraft Castle


Nether Castle


Large Minecraft Castle


Thalendor Minecraft Castle


Castle Estel


Ice Castle

Fallen Kingdom


Fabul Castle FFIV


Neuschwanenstein Castle

Sand Castle

Medieval Minecraft Castle

Himeji Castle

Game of Thrones Castles & Fortresses

Ankara Singh Castle

Kingdom of Crysle

Spawn Center Castle

Ancient Castle

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