Watch The Simpsons made in Minecraft!


Last year The Simpsons featured an intro animation that saw Springfield converted into a Minecraft-like world, complete with Mo as a creeper and lots of familiar paces suddenly having a lot more straight lines in their construction. It wasn’t actually made in Minecraft though; instead it was animated as a cartoon like the whole show. If you were wondering what Springfield would really look like re-made in Minecraft though, then this video is for you.

YouTuber Barley Regal made the video, recreating the famous intro to the cartoon series in his own Minecraft world. Everything’s there, including the inisde of many buildings like the school, the supermarket, and the nuclear power plant where Homer works. It’s a classic piece of TV, and it looks just as great and fun in Mojang’s blocky style. Perhaps it’s even better than the cartoon version?